Food, beverages and amenities

We offer personalized service throughout your flight. In Air Transat’s Economy Class, you can choose your on-board meal from a variety of pizzas, sandwiches and appetizers. Our vast selection of bistro-style meals will be sold at affordable prices on all flights to/from South destinations as well as the U.S. On flights to/from Europe, Air Transat will continue to offer a complimentary hot meal served with a glass of wine.

Our meal and beverage services in Economy Class:

On board all our flights

  • Treats: CA $3
  • Alcoholic beverages (spirits & liqueurs, beer and wine): CA $6.50
  • Cocktail and sparkling wine: CA $8.50
  • Natural wood earbuds: CA $8
  • Comfort Kit (blanket, inflatable neck pillow and sleep mask): CA $9
  • Duo (1 Comfort Kit + 1 set of natural wood earbuds): CA $15
  • Fun Trio (1 set of natural wood earbuds + 1 alcoholic drink + 1 treat): CA $15
  • Zen Trio (1 Comfort Kit + 1 alcoholic drink + 1 treat): CA $15

Exceptions apply.  See Specific Information by Region for details.

Consult our Bistro menu

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