Pets and service dogs

Air Transat welcomes your pets and service animals!

Pets: We accept only cats or dogs for carriage and only in the checked baggage hold.

Certified service dogs: When accompanied by certification and documentation and travelling with a person with a disability, certified service dogs are welcome in the passenger cabin of our aircraft. Please click here for further details.

Travel Tips

  • Do not provide food or water inside the cage as it may spill and cause your animal discomfort during flight. Instead, please secure a small empty bowl inside so that the animal can be fed/watered in the event of a delay.
  • We suggest owners put a familiar object in the cage to reassure the animal during the flight, such as a blanket or a toy.
  • IATA regulation states that it is not recommended to have older animals travel by air due to stress-related effects. Air Transat will not be responsible for problems due to stress-related effects on older animals. (Consult your veterinarian).
  • Agriculture Canada and IATA do not recommend giving tranquillizers to travelling animals. If you're thinking about doing so, please consult your veterinarian.
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