Cheap Flights to the South

A vacation in the South means sunshine, the beach and relaxation. Yet everyone has their own ideal combination of these.

In addition to offering a vast array of all-inclusive packages, Air Transat also offers a great selection of cheap flight tickets to several destinations in the South for travellers heading to their condos in the sun, or who are visiting friends and family. Plus, all our flights are direct. No layovers, no worries.

We offer departures from over 20 Canadian cities during the high season from November to March/April. And the most popular destinations, like Cancun, Punta Cana, Montego Bay, Varadero and several others are offered year round from major Canadian cities.

Check out the list of all Air Transat’s main routes below, and book your cheap flights to the South today!

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Flight Halifax - Cancun
Flight Halifax - Holguin
Flight Halifax - Montego Bay
Flight Halifax - Puerto Plata
Flight Halifax - Punta Cana
Flight Halifax - Santa Clara (Cayo Santa Maria)
Flight Halifax - Varadero
Flight Moncton - Cancun
Flight Moncton - Punta Cana
Flight Moncton - Varadero
St John's
Flight St John's - Cancun
Flight St John's - Puerto Plata
Flight St John's - Punta Cana
Flight Montreal - Acapulco
Flight Montreal - Camaguey (Santa Lucia)
Flight Montreal - Cancun
Flight Montreal - Cartagena
Flight Montreal - Cayo Coco
Flight Montreal - Cayo Largo
Flight Montreal - Cozumel
Flight Montreal - Fort-de-France (Martinique)
Flight Montreal - Holguin
Flight Montreal - La Romana
Flight Montreal - Liberia
Flight Montreal - Managua
Flight Montreal - Montego Bay
Flight Montreal - Panama
Flight Montreal - Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)
Flight Montreal - Port-au-Prince (Haiti)
Flight Montreal - Puerto Plata
Flight Montreal - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Montreal - Punta Cana
Flight Montreal - Roatán
Flight Montreal - Samana
Flight Montreal - San Andres
Flight Montreal - San Jose (Costa Rica)
Flight Montreal - Santa Clara (Cayo Santa Maria)
Flight Montreal - St Lucia
Flight Montreal - St Marteen
Flight Montreal - Varadero
Quebec City
Flight Quebec - Cancun
Flight Quebec - Cayo Coco
Flight Quebec - Holguin
Flight Quebec - Montego Bay
Flight Quebec - Puerto Plata
Flight Quebec - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Quebec - Punta Cana
Flight Quebec - Samana
Flight Quebec - Santa Clara
Flight Quebec - Varadero
Flight Rouyn-Noranda - Punta Cana
Flight Hamilton - Cancun
Flight Hamilton - Montego Bay
Flight Hamilton - Puerto Plata
Flight Hamilton - Punta Cana
Flight Hamilton - Varadero
Flight London - Cancun
Flight London - Punta Cana
Flight London - Santa Clara (Cayo Santa Maria)
Flight Ottawa - Cancun
Flight Ottawa - Montego Bay
Flight Ottawa - Puerto Plata
Flight Ottawa - Punta Cana
Flight Ottawa - Santa Clara (Cayo Santa Maria)
Flight Ottawa - Varadero
Thunder Bay
Flight Thunder Bay - Punta Cana
Flight Toronto - Camaguey (Santa Lucia)
Flight Toronto - Cancun
Flight Toronto - Cayo Coco
Flight Toronto - Cayo Largo
Flight Toronto - Cozumel
Flight Toronto - Holguin
Flight Toronto - Huatulco
Flight Toronto - Liberia
Flight Toronto - Los Cabos
Flight Toronto - Montego Bay
Flight Toronto - Panama
Flight Toronto - Puerto Plata
Flight Toronto - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Toronto - Punta Cana
Flight Toronto - Roatán
Flight Toronto - Samana
Flight Toronto - San Jose (Costa Rica)
Flight Toronto - Santa Clara (Cayo Santa Maria)
Flight Toronto - St Lucia
Flight Toronto - St Maarten
Flight Toronto - Varadero
Flight Calgary - Cancun
Flight Calgary - Huatulco
Flight Calgary - Montego Bay
Flight Calgary - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Calgary - Punta Cana
Flight Calgary - Varadero
Flight Edmonton - Cancun
Flight Edmonton - Huatulco
Flight Edmonton - Los Cabos
Flight Edmonton - Manzanillo
Flight Edmonton - Montego Bay
Flight Edmonton - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Edmonton - Punta Cana
Flight Edmonton - Varadero
Flight Kelowna - Cancun
Flight Kelowna - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Regina - Cancun
Flight Regina - Santa Clara (Cayo Santa Maria)
Flight Regina - Montego Bay
Flight Regina - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Regina - Punta Cana
Flight Regina - Varadero
Flight Saskatoon - Cancun
Flight Saskatoon - Montego Bay
Flight Saskatoon - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Saskatoon - Punta Cana
Flight Saskatoon - Varadero
Flight Vancouver - Cancun
Flight Vancouver - Huatulco
Flight Vancouver - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Vancouver - Punta Cana
Flight Vancouver - Varadero
Flight Victoria - Cancun
Flight Victoria - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Winnipeg - Cancun
Flight Winnipeg - Puerto Vallarta
Flight Winnipeg - Punta Cana

Routes in red: Operated all year long
Routes in black: Operated during Winter season only (November/December to April)